My A-Z

Hello internet wanderer! Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while, I was sick =(… Anyways I was re-reading The Amazing Book is Not On Fire  and this was one of the things they had in the book. It was the A-Z of Dan and Phil thing. Basically, you think of a word that means something to […]

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I had to

Ok I’m sorry I was just on google and I saw this and I couldn’t wait until my next post to post this meme. So here’s an extra Meme of Da Day. **starts crying in the corner again because of the pure amazingness from this** -Anna ❤

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Pizza Tips =)

Hiiiii So 2 days ago, my glasses broke; and so to cheer ourselves up from the misery and chaos that caused, my sibling and I decided to make pizza! But what I forgot about was that I would be posting the recipe later, because I ended up throwing random amounts of ingredients in and not […]

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