October Wrap Up!!!

I read two freaking books this month. Two. Are you freaking kidding me.


    October’s almost over?? Umm?? WHERE DID MY MONTH FREAKIN DISAPPEAR TO. I literally do not understand. But it’s apparently *shakes head in disbelief* over so here is my October Wrap Up!

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    The Fall Book Tag!

    This is going to completely throw of my aesthetic but WHATEVER **sobs in corner**


    So I recently not so recently saw this tag on Jasmine’s blog Life of A Simple Reader (which you should DEFINITELY check out) and thought this would be a great way to get into autumn! It certainly doesn’t feel like fall where I’m currently living so hopefully this will get me more into the spirit of FALL!Read More »

    Organization DIYs ft. Anna pretending to know what she’s doing

    oh look its me pretending to be organized


    So today I decided to pretend to be organized and share with you guys some organization DIYs/life hacks! Please ignore my pathetic attempt at taking artsy photos =) There isn’t really anything else to say so here are some super simple organization oriented life hacks and DIYs!

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    Ok so this first one is like a bulletin board except it’s not 😂😂 I have this thing where I stick post-its EVERYWHERE (more on that later) so I’ve started using just a piece of paper to stick them on and just placing the paper in a place where I’ll see it everyday. The one I’m currently using is just for reminders about events, due dates, and stuff like that. It was a random water-color I made a few years ago cuz I had like 5 minutes and was super bored and I saw it lying around and decided to use it for this! It’s currently up on the wall on top of my bedside table because then I’ll see it everyday when I wake up, go to sleep, and just anytime I need something from my table!

    The other super nice thing about this DIY is that you can literally make it as simple or fancy as you want. You could use some cute paper, watercolor a piece of paper, just draw on it, or just use a plain piece of paper! I also think it would be cool to put some cute washi tape down on your wall to make a rectangle or some sort of area which you could then place post-its inside directly on the wall! Anyways this is just a random super easy DIY I’ve always had at home and I’ve found it super convenient and a great way to stay organized and on top of  things!img_2945-1

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    Alright so before I was kind of talking about having one place to put post-its with reminders on them but now I’m going to be sharing a life hack that is literally the complete opposite. hypocritical much Basically whenever I need to remember something, the night before I put a ton of post-its in places I will look in the next morning when I’m in a hurry. I’ve always assumed this is something everyone does but a lot of people had never thought of doing this before so I decided to mention this anyways. This is also great for when you’re in a rush in the morning and really need to remember something. If you couldn’t tell already, I LOVE POST-ITS! They’re just incredibly helpful when it comes to staying on top of things! 😄


    I usually stick post-its on my iPad and phone since I put those in my bag right before I go to school so I’ll see any reminders on there. I also put them on my face wash and on the AC remote since those are other things I will look at every morning and post-its aren’t very hard to miss on those objects, especially if they are brightly colored. I also sometimes put reminders on my bedroom door, front door, refrigarator and other places like that but over time I’ve noticed that these reminders are a LOT easier to miss when they’re put in really vague places, especially if your in a hurry in the morning and aren’t stopping to carefully examine every door😂😂

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    I’ve been meaning to get a proper whiteboard for the longest time EVER but until then, I decided to try making a make-shift whiteboard. So a while ago I googled what surfaces whiteboard markers erase off of and realized that they also work on mirror and glass! I decided on using a huge mirror I have in my bathroom rather than using my completely glass balcony doors just because sometimes I have my curtains closed and I don’t want to have to open my curtains every single time I want to look at whatever I have on my “whiteboard”. I’ve currently just taken up half of the mirror with a list of goals, a to do list and some space for reminders, but I imagine you could use washi tape or just lines to draw out proper categories, a calendar, schedules or literally ANYTHING you want! If you’ve got any glassy/smooth surfaces in your house that are just sitting around,  I recommend you just google if that surface is erasable with whiteboard markers and if it is you could do a lot of cool things with it! Oh and I apologize in advance for the really crappy photos 😂😂

    I just leave a plastic bag with 4 expo markers and a paper towel to erase with in one of my bathroom drawers and whenever I need to write something I can just pull it out for a second!


    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    Ok so that is all I’ve got for you guys today! I hope you didn’t die of cringe from my extremely terrible pictures and that these DIYs/life hacks help you! I also recently read a post on Ilsa’s blog (A Whisper of Ink) about organizing your blogging life which I found SUPER HELPFUL and informational! I definitely recommend reading that since it is very great if you want to stop procrastinating and get your life together be #organized

    Also, I just got back from vacation last night so if I can pull together enough photos, I will be posting a travel diary some time next month! I will also be leaving for a school trip not this Sunday but next Sunday so if I don’t have too many photos I’ll combine those trips and do one big travel diary! Idk why but I honestly just loovveeeee posts where I have a lot of pictures and I loved writing my Summer’s travel-ish diary so stay tuned for that! Before you leave, comment down below what the last song you listened to was! Mine was The A Team by Ed Sheeran which also my all time favorite sonnggg!!!!!!!! Anndd last thing, I recently gave my IRL friend who we are calling Sushi the URL to my blog so Sushi if you’re reading this hyelllooooo!!! Thank you to her and to my other friend Swan (my nicknames are amazing) for helping me choose between 33 identical crappy photos 😂😂

    ‘kay byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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    Meme of the Day:

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    you know I can’t leave without a phan meme =)

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    The Never Ending List of Fandom Struggles

    When they move on but you weren’t ready to #Long Live Dani Snot on Fire. I still haven’t gotten over that tbh


    So I realized I haven’t complained about anything wrote more of a humorous post in a while so here we are! Everything is kind of short though cuz my parents need this computer really badly and I had like 30 minutes to just kind of throw this together. I am writing this beforehand (it’s currently Sunday the 15th)  because we are going on vacation tomorrow and probably won’t be back until Saturday. So if we get back super late on Saturday I won’t be posting on Saturday and may just not post that weekend if I’m really tired or whatver. Idk, we’ll see. Anyways here are just a few of the fandom struggles that all fangirls/fanboys experience!

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM


    Spoilers are the actual death of all fangirls. Right before an episode comes out is the only time I will go internet-free, purely because I want to avoid all spoilers. But even worse than TV show spoilers, are book spoilers. I swear to god if you spoil a book for me, prepare. to. die.

    giphy (8).gif

    Being unproductive

    Oh gosh it hurts to say this but if you’re in fandom, you’re probably not as productive as you could be. Instead of working you probably are:

    • freaking out over something that happened 30 bazillion years ago
    • daydreaming about something that probably won’t ever happen
    • binge watching/reading things
    • contemplating the fact that you have no life


    Fictional Characters

    Oh gosh. Where do I even begin. I cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality anymore. Literally the worst part of being in a fandom is that you get so freakin attached to fictional characters, and you’ve got to break it to yourself that they don’t exist. Oh and the faCt thAt yOU frEAkiN’ CAN’t GEt MArRiED.

    giphy (10).gif


    Alright so I’m saying this is a struggle but let’s be real, there is nothing negative about this 😂😂 Truth is, I’d rather stay at home and read about people who don’t exist than come outside and socialize with people who do exist. When given the choice, I would rather be anti-social and sit on my bed in a unicorn onezie with a tub of ice cream and 20 books cuz let’s be honest, socializing is just so much W O R K.


    Unenthusiastic Friends

    For some insane reason, people often don’t agree with you when it comes to fandoms and shipping. like whatttt????? I’m just sitting here like how could anyone not love these adorable lil muffins but for some reason my “friends” are not very appreciative of muffins. like whyyyyy!?!?!??!?!?


    giphy-downsized (1)

    Fan fiction

    Oh there are just so many struggles when it comes to fan fiction I don’t even know what to say. Some of the worst are when there are no fan fictions for your OTP cuz you’re that one weirdo and when you’re reading a really, really good fan fiction but then the author stops posting and you’ve just got to sit there and pretend you aren’t dying inside. wow that went deep


    Moving On

    When they move on from a part of their life/relationship/anything and you’re pretending to be ok but you’re not. LIKE WHY AM I MORE ATTACHED TO YOUR LIFE THAN YOU ARE!??!!!

    giphy (11).gif

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    I hope you guys liked this post and could relate to it! I know this is kind of shabby but I’m in a rush right now and just wanted to get something scheduled so that it wasn’t like I was just leaving in the middle of the month again. Let me know if you want a part 2 to this post because there are so many more struggles and I haven’t even mentioned OTPs yet =)

    ‘kay byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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    Meme of the Day:

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    My School Morning Routine AKA pretending to be a beauty blogger

    Getting myself out of bed every morning at 5:30 is literally one of my greatest accomplishments 😂😂😂


    Before we begin, sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve had a really busy past week with lots of school work and didn’t really have much time to blog! But I’m back now so YAYYYYY! Anyways, I’m not a beauty blogger, incase you couldn’t tell. In fact, I’m pretty far from being one. That being said, I do love watching beauty guru videos and reading beauty bloggers’ posts. Some of my favorites, are room tours, hauls, and routines. I honestly don’t know why but I really just love reading/watching these types of things and just calming down as I live vicariously through your fashion sense since I clearly don’t have one.

    On the other hand, I also love Liza/Lily type videos/posts and enjoy writing those as well. This blog is turning out to kind of be a mix of humorous/rant posts and beauty(ish) posts. While I was writing this though, I realized I can’t actually write anything without my sarcasm shining through at least a little bit so this is probably going to be a little different from your typical beauty guru post 😂😂 Not that I am a beauty guru. I’m just trying to make that point very clear. 😂😂 Anyways, today I thought I would share with you guys my school morning routine!

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    5:30 – 6:30  So I wake up at 5:30 every morning??!?? I’m literally just as surprised as you are😂 Anyways I wake up and do YOGA so that I can notice how inflexible I am. I try not to lie in shavasana right after I wake up cuz on several occasions I have fallen back asleep on my yoga mat while doing that pose😂😂 Anyways I practice yoga for half an hour most mornings and honestly, I recommend that everyone tries yoga even for like 10 minutes a week because it really helps you, especially with flexibility. I can guarantee you noticeable results in 2 months or less.  Gosh I sound like I TV commercial trying to sell you something

    ignore my pathetic attempts at taking artsy photos

    6:00 – 6:30 After I practice yoga, I shower and get dressed because I’m the type of maniac who showers in the morning 😄 I usually pick out my outfit/random jumble of clothes the night before since I don’t trust myself not to spend 30 minutes deciding between two pairs of identical black leggings in the morning…..

    6:30-6:40 So for these 10 minutes I do my hair and I’m usually running at least a couple of minutes late so I give myself 10 freaking minutes although I only use around 3 to do my hair. I honestly usually just comb my hair and pull it up into a pony tail because I have really thick wavy almost curly hair and putting it down would be such a pain. I don’t understand how people always leave their hair down like how are you not dying of heat right now??!!Brush

    6:40-7:00 This is when I eat my breakfast and just kind of make sure I’ve got everything I need before I leave. My mom makes my breakfast since I have busy mornings no responsibility so I usually just eat whatever’s on the table and run to frantically get my shoes on and grab my violin at the last second.

    Morning Routine

    I usually leave the house at around 7 to 7:10 every morning and my school bus leaves at around 7:15. Some mornings I’ll wake up EVEN EARLIER what the hell is wrong with me if I’ve procrastinated a lot on my homework and need to get it done in the morning. And around 50% of the time I’m in a rush so I honestly don’t get how some people read and look at their social media in the morning. HOW?!? If I did that I would genuinely just end up staying in bed reading/browsing the internet for the rest of the day.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    So this post seems kind of short and since I’m pretending to know about beauty and that type of ish today, you’re going to sit through 20 minutes of me talking about what I wore to the first school dance of the year. yay.

    The theme this time was Night at the Beach (I know what the hell). The setup and everything looked super pretty since the whole area was decked out in fairy lights and beachy/mermaidy stuff but everyone was kind of confused on what to actually wear. A bunch of the girls in my grade were going to get all the boys to wear bikinis and shorts to rebel against the dress code while dressing for the theme but unfortunately one of the teachers shut it down 😂😂 So most girls wore a nice beach/flowy dress if they had one, a regular party dress, or just slightly formal casual clothes (what am i saying 😂😂)

    So I planned on wearing a simple black dress with a denim jacket and my navy blue/black Levi’s shoes. It’s just a super comfortable outfit for me to dance plant myself in front of the food in. But then me and 3 of my other friends went to my friend’s house for around an hour before the dance to get ready/eat and then head to back to school. When we got to her house, we basically just turned her whole room into a shit storm of clothes. One of my friends had brought 15 FREAKIN OUTFIT CHOICES and my other friend had brought 5 or so and then we had my other friends’ whole closet since we were at her house. Long story short I ended up wearing one piece of clothing from everyone else 😂😂 I wore a gray tank top like thingy ma bob with full length black leggings and a denim jacket. The friend whose house we were at has an older brother who is a year older than us and 2 of his friends were over too, and at the very last second the boys were all screaming at us to hurry up and get in the car cause otherwise we were going to be late. Honestly, getting ready for the dance was more fun then the actual dance itself 😂😂

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    Alright so I hope you enjoyed this slightly different kind of post. I think we all just realized today that I would make a terrible beauty guru and that I should stick to just complaining about everything in life 😂 Also, did you notice the new graphics? Thank you so so much to Mirra from Colours Beyond Dreams for designing such a beautiful header and ending thingy ma jig. These were super inspiring and I’m now working on designing some of my own as well so in a while you may see another graphics change! Another really exciting thing, I told 3 of my IRL friends about my blog!I was kind of planning on never doing this because I like being anonymous on my blog, but I really needed help choosing between graphics and stuff like that so I asked 3 of my closest friends who we will call sushi, jellyfish, and swan to help me with my blog. I’ll try to get them to write some tags or challenges or just something with me cause I feel like you guys would really love them so I might be doing that in the near future. Oh and are you and introvert or an extrovert? Let me know in the comments below!!Anyways that is it for today and I will see you guys soon!

    ‘kay byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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    Meme of the Day:

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    The Blogger Recognition Award!!! ^-^

    yayyyyyy this is such an honor excuse to procrastinate on homework


    So I just got nominated for the BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD!!!! Thank you to the wonderful Rain from The Withering for nominating me for this award! If you haven’t heard of her blog already, go check it out! It’s super cool and 100% Anna-approved. Which is apparently a thing now😂😂😂 So ya let’s just get started then!!! 😀

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    ✨ Give a brief story of how your blog started. 

    Alright well y’all about to be BORED. Basically, my humanities teacher last year who was great but unfortunately moved away over summer, kept encouraging me to start a blog cause he really liked my writing. So I did. End of story. 😂😂😂 But actually though, I started this blog in March or so but was really inconsistent like I would post 15 times one month and then disappear for three. So then in July I got my act together for a while and then left, and then last month I came back again and I’m still here (hopefully forever)! Literally my posting schedule on this blog was like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship. Although I probably won’t stop blogging forever 😂😂

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    ✨ Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers. 

    uhhmmmm I feel like actually doing something for once so I’ll give you guys THREE pieces of advice 😄

    Don’t get discouraged There are a lot of bloggers on here who get hundreds of followers after just a month or so of blogging, and then there’s me, with around 30 after 5+ months of blogging. Just because you’re getting success a lot slower than others, doesn’t mean you’re not good at blogging or that you have a terrible blog. Don’t feel discouraged by these types of things and give up. Keep interacting with other blogs and posting regularly and I’m sure you’ll get to your goal!

    Interact– This has got to be one of the most important parts to blogging. Honestly, the amount of time you interact with other blogs/bloggers matters as much as the time and effort you put into your blog posts. Comment on posts and befriend bloggers, you’ll make a lot of great friends and you’ll most likely gain a few followers for your blog!

    Post regularly– Don’t do what I did. Post regularly. If you have some sudden inspiration and write 50 blog posts in one day, great! Expect don’t post them all at once. Space them out and don’t just spontaneously leave the blogging community for months at a time. Your stats will definitely go down hill if you do that.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    ✨My Official-ish Nominations! ✨

    Is that 15 people yet??? ……. noopeee.. ok gosh I don’t even think I know this many people 😂😂😂

    Alright i just divided into my reader to find a list of blogs I follow so here we are =)

    I can’t wait to read all of your guys’ posts! ❤︎

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM


    – Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    – Write a post to show your award.
    – Give a brief story of how your blog started.
    – Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
    – Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
    – Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

    Alright so that is all I have for you guys today! I am not posting every Sunday now, but instead posting twice a week, probably on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I probably will end up breaking the schedule but shhhh, no one needs to know that 😉 Thank you again to the wonderful and amazing Rain for nominating me for this award!!! 😊 Oh and I don’t know if you saw but I’m asking a random question to you guys every time I post in order to get to know you better so today, comment down below whether you’re a dog or cat person. ❓🐶 🐱❓I’m definitely a dog person. I just feel like most cats want to scratch my eyeballs out and feast on my pain and misery 😂😂 No, I am not over reacting 😂😂

    ‘kay byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    anna signoff

    Meme of the Day:

    These are extremely random and have nothing to do with anything sorry guys 😂 😂