My School Morning Routine AKA pretending to be a beauty blogger

Getting myself out of bed every morning at 5:30 is literally one of my greatest accomplishments 😂😂😂


Before we begin, sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve had a really busy past week with lots of school work and didn’t really have much time to blog! But I’m back now so YAYYYYY! Anyways, I’m not a beauty blogger, incase you couldn’t tell. In fact, I’m pretty far from being one. That being said, I do love watching beauty guru videos and reading beauty bloggers’ posts. Some of my favorites, are room tours, hauls, and routines. I honestly don’t know why but I really just love reading/watching these types of things and just calming down as I live vicariously through your fashion sense since I clearly don’t have one.

On the other hand, I also love Liza/Lily type videos/posts and enjoy writing those as well. This blog is turning out to kind of be a mix of humorous/rant posts and beauty(ish) posts. While I was writing this though, I realized I can’t actually write anything without my sarcasm shining through at least a little bit so this is probably going to be a little different from your typical beauty guru post 😂😂 Not that I am a beauty guru. I’m just trying to make that point very clear. 😂😂 Anyways, today I thought I would share with you guys my school morning routine!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

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