The Never Ending List of Fandom Struggles

When they move on but you weren’t ready to #Long Live Dani Snot on Fire. I still haven’t gotten over that tbh


So I realized I haven’t complained about anything wrote more of a humorous post in a while so here we are! Everything is kind of short though cuz my parents need this computer really badly and I had like 30 minutes to just kind of throw this together. I am writing this beforehand (it’s currently Sunday the 15th)  because we are going on vacation tomorrow and probably won’t be back until Saturday. So if we get back super late on Saturday I won’t be posting on Saturday and may just not post that weekend if I’m really tired or whatver. Idk, we’ll see. Anyways here are just a few of the fandom struggles that all fangirls/fanboys experience!

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Spoilers are the actual death of all fangirls. Right before an episode comes out is the only time I will go internet-free, purely because I want to avoid all spoilers. But even worse than TV show spoilers, are book spoilers. I swear to god if you spoil a book for me, prepare. to. die.

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Being unproductive

Oh gosh it hurts to say this but if you’re in fandom, you’re probably not as productive as you could be. Instead of working you probably are:

  • freaking out over something that happened 30 bazillion years ago
  • daydreaming about something that probably won’t ever happen
  • binge watching/reading things
  • contemplating the fact that you have no life


Fictional Characters

Oh gosh. Where do I even begin. I cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality anymore. Literally the worst part of being in a fandom is that you get so freakin attached to fictional characters, and you’ve got to break it to yourself that they don’t exist. Oh and the faCt thAt yOU frEAkiN’ CAN’t GEt MArRiED.

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Alright so I’m saying this is a struggle but let’s be real, there is nothing negative about this 😂😂 Truth is, I’d rather stay at home and read about people who don’t exist than come outside and socialize with people who do exist. When given the choice, I would rather be anti-social and sit on my bed in a unicorn onezie with a tub of ice cream and 20 books cuz let’s be honest, socializing is just so much W O R K.


Unenthusiastic Friends

For some insane reason, people often don’t agree with you when it comes to fandoms and shipping. like whatttt????? I’m just sitting here like how could anyone not love these adorable lil muffins but for some reason my “friends” are not very appreciative of muffins. like whyyyyy!?!?!??!?!?


giphy-downsized (1)

Fan fiction

Oh there are just so many struggles when it comes to fan fiction I don’t even know what to say. Some of the worst are when there are no fan fictions for your OTP cuz you’re that one weirdo and when you’re reading a really, really good fan fiction but then the author stops posting and you’ve just got to sit there and pretend you aren’t dying inside. wow that went deep


Moving On

When they move on from a part of their life/relationship/anything and you’re pretending to be ok but you’re not. LIKE WHY AM I MORE ATTACHED TO YOUR LIFE THAN YOU ARE!??!!!

giphy (11).gif

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM

I hope you guys liked this post and could relate to it! I know this is kind of shabby but I’m in a rush right now and just wanted to get something scheduled so that it wasn’t like I was just leaving in the middle of the month again. Let me know if you want a part 2 to this post because there are so many more struggles and I haven’t even mentioned OTPs yet =)

‘kay byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

anna signoff

Meme of the Day:

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6 thoughts on “The Never Ending List of Fandom Struggles

  1. Whoaaa boyyy this was soo so damn relatable!!! I was like internally SCREAMING big fat “YESSes”” as I went through it. Especially the one about sitting with 20 books at home and not-socialising. Who cares about socialising?!! Duh 20 books at hand is heaven. ❤

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