The Never Ending List of Fandom Struggles

When they move on but you weren’t ready to #Long Live Dani Snot on Fire. I still haven’t gotten over that tbh


So I realized I haven’t complained about anything wrote more of a humorous post in a while so here we are! Everything is kind of short though cuz my parents need this computer really badly and I had like 30 minutes to just kind of throw this together. I am writing this beforehand (it’s currently Sunday the 15th)  because we are going on vacation tomorrow and probably won’t be back until Saturday. So if we get back super late on Saturday I won’t be posting on Saturday and may just not post that weekend if I’m really tired or whatver. Idk, we’ll see. Anyways here are just a few of the fandom struggles that all fangirls/fanboys experience!

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The Struggles of Having Glasses – Part 2



Before I even begin, LIFE UPDATE: I went to that party thing I was telling you guys about in last Sunday’s post and omg it was so worth going even though I felt deaf and blind and couldn’t see color properly for an hour afterwards 😂😂😂 The party was happening on my friend’s rooftop and the DJ was legit blasting music so that you could hear it from around a block away. There were also huge lights shining everywhere into everyones faces and there was just light EVERYWHERE. It was crazy and I (surprisingly) knew around half the people there so it wasn’t too bad. The best part was probably when they played It’s Everyday Bro and literally everyone started screaming the lyrics to it. For some unknown reason, I know the lyrics too which I hadn’t actually realized until they played the song 😂😂 So ya overall I had a great time and didn’t die of awkwardness so YAY ME!

Anyways, a while before this, some unfortunate events happened with my glasses and I realized that a part 2 to my original The Struggles of Having Glasses post was needed so here we are! If you haven’t read the first part already, GO DO THAT NOW. OR YOU WILL REGRET IT. =) On that note, here are some more struggles you will face if you have glasses!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.18.36 AM.png


This has got to be one of tHe mOST AnNoyINg ThiNGS EvER.  I live in a very humid place. And every single time I step outside from an AC car or room or building, my glasses fog up. This is especially a problem when I’m walking out of a mall or something into the crazy traffic and I can’t see a single thing because my glasses have decided to fog up. Someone help.


This is a lot like the humidity problem, except this time, it’s the rain. I love rain. I love running in the rain, swimming in the rain, walking in the rain; I love practically EVERYTHING about rain. Only problem is that the raindrops fall on my glasses, again, practically blinding me. So if you ever meet me IRL and it’s raining, my head is going to be facing directly downwards in order to avoid getting water on them 😂😂

3D Glasses

Whenever I go to the movies to see something 3D, and I need to put those glasses on top of my regular ones 😂 I look like such an idiot omg someone help 😂😂

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 12.12.01 PM.png

I need your shirt

^– Yup I couldn’t think of anything else to call this ^-^. But it’s pretty much exactly what it says. The number of times I have asked people for their shirt because I’m not wearing the right type of fabric to clean my glasses with is slightly concerning. Whenever my glasses get wet or fogged up or even just blurry for that matter, I have to go looking for the perfect type of shirt because I’m too lazy to carry around a case and proper fabric with me. Often times, I’m not wearing the right type of shirt in which case the person sitting next to me will stare at me like I’m a physcopath I am one btw as I use the edge of their shirt to clean my glasses 😂

Looselessnessless idk what im doing anymore ^-^

When I’m in PE and planking or doing pushups or just anywhere where I’m in a situation looking down, my glasses will start to fall off. And I’m pretty sure this only happens cuz the side of my glasses are loose and I need to fix them or whatever, but IT’S SO ANNOYING.

giphy-downsized (5).gif


Alright children. Sit yourselves down cuz it’s freakin’ story time with Anna and her dysfunctional glasses. Essentailly, my glasses almost stabbed my eye out. And no, I’m not exagarating. Basically I was in PE -of course- and me and this other dude on my team who we will call Dora, were on defense. This is other dude, called Bob from the other team, was running into our territory so me and Dora started sprinting as in HARDCORE DONT YOU DARE TRY AND OVERTHROW OUR EMPIRE BOB sprinting and we’re both closing in on Bob from 2 different angles. I’m preparing myself to veer right as soon as we tag Bob and then Dora can also veer left and everything will be fine, right? No. Turns out, I calculated wrong and after we got Bob, Dora and I ended up banging the sides of our heads together. Now when that happened, my glasses somehow managed to dig into my head, right underneath my eyebrow and a little above my eye. But I didn’t know that at the time so I sat down for 3 seconds, saw that Dora was an in idiot and couldn’t handle defense on his own, and got up to go join the game again. After we lost  (miserably) my best friend comes up to me to ask if I’m ok and kind of just stares at me for a second before saying, “Your bleeding.” Obviously, I thought she was joking cuz those are the types of friends I have but she seemed pretty serious so I went to look in the mirror and yup, I’m bleeding. As in almost my entire eyebrow is covered in blood and now it’s starting to trickle onto my eyelid. I don’t understand how no one noticed this while we were wrapping up the game, but long story short, my glasses had made a deep cut into my skin and if it had been a tiny bit deeper, I would have needed stitches. And if my glasses had cut me a little bit lower, I would have had some serious eye damage. So yes, my glasses are not just annoying, they are out to freakin’ kill me.

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Hopefully, you guys have all learnt from my mistakes and will stay away from glasses =) Sooo that’s pretty much it for today. I’ve realized that posting every Sunday and Thursday is a tad bit ambitious right now since I’m so incredibly lazy I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment, but I am trying to post every Sunday!

‘kay byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

-Anna ❤

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The Stages of Shipping

I just realized how quickly this escalates 😂😂😂

Hello, Internet Wanderers!

Shipping. “A verb used to describe the action of wishing for two people to enter a relationship (whether romantic or occasionally platonic) in books, movies, tv shows or real life……” -Urban Dictionary. Aka, shipping is a never ending spiral that’s basically the death of all fangirls.

You see, shipping is often not voluntary. It starts off with an ‘Oh that’s a cute picture of those two’ and a while later you’ll find yourself screaming through a computer screen at 2 middle-aged men, telling them to just freaking get married already while sobbing and eating handfuls of chocolate. Oh and it’s even worse when you’re shipping fictional characters, whose lives and future children you are SO attached to. Why be a social human bean when you can cry about how you’re fictional ships have no hope for coming true because the people dOn’T fReAkIn’ ExIST! So folks, here are some of the different stages of shipping, which I’m sure ALL fangirls can relate too =)

  1. That’s cute                                                                                                                                     This is when you first start to notice that this new ship is kinda sorta cute. You’re not against it, but you don’t really care either. Run now, before you even get involved!                          
  2. Yeah I can see it…                                                                                                                        Now you’re starting to see more evidence why this ship is real. You get why some people ship it so bad. RUN. IT’S STILL NOT TOO LATE.                                                         giphy (3).gif
  3. Ship                                                                                                                                                  You ship it and you do wish it was real. You’re not too crazy obssesed with these people but you’re starting to be the person to point out some obvious evidence that this ship is real.
  4. Shippity ship ship ship                                                                                                              Aaannndd it’s officially too late to turn back. You’re following several shipping accounts on social media and read a considerable amount of fanfiction every day. The idea of these two people being in a relationship makes you pretty happy.              giphy.gif
  5. otP oTp OTp OTPPPPP                                                                                                                You’re feeds now solely consist of evidence that you’re ship is real. You read (not to mention write) at least an hour of fanfiction every day. No one else can even look at these two people without you getting upset that you’re OTP is getting off track. You LOVE the idea of these two people being in a relationship.
  6. I sHip iT sO BAdddDdDDDDD                                                                                                  You’re starting to realize how much you ship it. You’re OBSESSED with this ship, it’s all you can think about. You’re also turning into a detective, pointing out EXTREMELY detailed reasons why you’re ship IS REAL.                                                      giphy (2).gif
  7. *curls up in corner crying* WHHYYYYYYY                                                                         I mean, self explanatory much 😂😂😂

Aaaaannnnnnddddd ya! After writing this it became clear to me how quickly this escalates 😂 Also, I was googling (is that a word!?!) shipping and pastel fangirl and stuff like that and literally all that popped up was Pastel Phan edits 😂 I’m laughing too hard right now 😂

‘kay byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

-Anna ❤

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Awkward Moments – Moving Edition

Millions of cringy/awkward/embarrassing moments are coming back at me right now 😂😂😂 I’d kept them buried in a dark and lonely corner of my brain but here we are, unboxing them for the world to see 😂😂😂

Hello, Internet Wanderers!

It’s currently July 11, 2017 and I just thought of SO MANY blog post ideas. This would be amazing, except we’re actually leaving for vacation tomorrow and won’t have wifi. Great timing, me! So, I’ve decided to finally be a responsible person and schedule these ahead of time! Here are some awkward moments that only moving kids will experience!

  • Liking someone in the 1st week of school, than regretting it when you actually get to know them and realize what a jerk they are.
  • Having to stand up and introduce yourself, in all 8 of your classes cuz we’re on a freakin’ block schedule now aren’t we.
  • When everyone else is laughing over something that happened to their class a year or 2 ago and you just have to sit there like oookkkaayyyyyyy…..

giphy (1).gif

  • When the teacher’s like, “You guys learnt this in 2nd grade, I know cause I taught 2nd grade here” and you just have to sit there like nope. Never learnt this in any grade.
  • When you text your old friends around a year after moving and they reply saying you’ve got the wrong number because they forget that you eVeN EXiST. (This just got real deep, real fast 😂😂😂)

giphy (2).gif

  • The “oh look it’s the new kid” whispers as you walk down a hallway. Like, excuse me, I’m literally a foot away from you.😂 Just because I’m new doesn’t mean I’m deaf. 😂😂😂
  • When your old friends think you’re miserable at your new school and you have to break it to them that you’re actually having a wonderful time.
  • Especially if you’re an expat kid, when people ask where you’re from and you have to contemplate between giving them the name of a country or the long list of cities. Like do you want the short version or the long version. *cues music* *dramatically unrolls long scroll* 😂😂😂
  • When you’ve got to keep bugging your old friends to tell you about the drama happening in your old school.
  • When people start calling you at around 3 am in the morning
  • When your phone bills are super expensive cause international calls and all.
  • When your old best friend is suddenly best friends with that one person you both used to HATE and you’ve just got to sit there and pretend nothing at all is off.

giphy (3).gif

And that’s it for today! I hope this was relatable to any of you guys who have moved!

‘kay byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

-Anna ❤

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The Struggles of Having Glasses

The struggle is real.Smiling Face With Sunglasses on EmojiOne 3.1Smiling Face With Sunglasses on EmojiOne 3.1Smiling Face With Sunglasses on EmojiOne 3.1 <—- I wish I looked that cool wearing my glasses 😂😂😂

Hello, internet wanderers!

I’m writing this because I literally couldn’t think of anything else I am so fed up with the inconvenience my glasses create and have decided to dump my misery on you guys rather than being a logical human bean and finding a solution. Typical me.

I’m sure if you have glasses you have probably experienced these situations before. So here are a few of the struggles that come with glasses:


Literally whenever I sweat, my glasses will just slowly start sliding down my nose. When I’m running or exercising (which I totally do not), my glasses will just slide down my nose no matter how many times I keep pushing them back up. I have legit taped my glasses to my glabella (didn’t just make a Phan reference) before just so that they would stay put. This is seriously annoying, especially during summer.

giphy (1).gif


I swim a lot, recreationally and on swim teams. Both times, not having my glasses on is extremely tiring. When we’re playing games, I can never tell what’s happening. When I’m swimming and have to swim on a certain interval on the clock, I can’t freaking read what time it is because -of course- I dOn’T hAve mY GLASSES ON. I seriously need to get contacts 😂😂😂

Annoying People

It’s hilarious how people think having glasses is fun. Like what part of this whole shebang comes out to you as fun?? Beside the fact that some un-informed people are under some spell that glasses are fun, it really bugs me when they CONSTANTLY keep asking me to wear them. Like trying my glasses every now and then is fine, but when they have them on every 2 minutes or so, it really starts to get annoying 😂😂😂.


Every single time I want to go snuggle with someone or go to bed, my glasses are in the way, pressing into my nose. Every. Single. Time. People are always telling me to live a more spontaneous life, but that’s kind of hard to do when you’re glasses are ALWAYS IN THE WAY. ALWAYS.

Being a freakin’ blind bat

As much as I complain about my glasses, life without them is even more annoying. I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory….



The -occasional- benefits (I repeat, very occasional) 

Although glasses can be a real pain, there are some good things. I get to skip eye tests during school, which usually means that I get to read for a 1/2 hour or so. I also remember that when I was 10, I thought I was really cool and had really sweet spy skills because the reflection of things happening behind me would appear on the side of my glasses 😂😂😂. I can assure you that my little brother and I had a great time “spying” on people just because of my glasses =)

giphy (2).gif


And that’s it for today! Next time someone complains about their glasses, hopefully you’ll know why! If you’ve got contacts, are they any better? Please let me know in the comments! ‘Kay bye!

-Anna ❤


I honestly don’t get it. WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG???????????

Hello, internet wanderers!

Today we’re going to talk about why I don’t count as a functional human bean. Idk why you signed up for this 😂😂😂

I kill plants. Like actually. See, when I’m at school in science and I have to take care of plant by watering it and all that stuff, I do fine. Then I take it home expecting a beautiful, green, healthy plant to keep me company on my desk, but I’m left with a dying blob that kind of resembles an upside-down, skinny, tan octopus. HOW?

I definitely know how to take care of plants since I do fine at school. However, the second my plant gets home it decides to commit suicide. Am I seriously that terrible of a person?!? I get it plant, I’m weird and sleep with a spiderman comforter (it’s incredibly warm) and eat an unreasonable amount of peanut butter, but is it seriously so bad that you feel the need to die on me and make me look like a spiderman-addicted, plant killing monster who only lives off of peanut butter!?!! WHYYY

And there you have it folks. Reasons why I’m a dsyfunctional human bean 😂😂😂 My fellow beans are very disappointed in me….

-Anna ❤

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My Insane Reading Problem

I have a serious problem. Like actually.  WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS TO MYSELF.

Helolo!!! (idk what that greeting was)

As you can probably tell from the title of this blog post I am facing a major, controversial, brain wrecking (is that even a word) issue. I start too many books.

And ya I know you’re probably thinking,  Oh that’s your major, controversial, brain wrecking problem Anna! You just start a few books at once. So what?  That’s what I thought, too, in the beginning. But nooooo. This is much worse than “starting a few books at once”.

You see, I start like 5 books at once on a pretty regular basis and this leads too:

  • Me mixing up characters. I’ll be in the middle of Divergent thinking, “Oh gosh, where did Harry go?”
  • Me mixing up plots. Again, in the middle of Divergent thinking, “I MISS FREDDDD!”
  • Me mixing up practically everything in these books. In the middle of Divergent– wait actually, I think you get the idea =)
  • People being extremely confused by my GoodReads account (I update my GoodReads account pretty regularly so my friends and teachers get pretty confused and bewildered about what I’m reading….)
  • Me being extremely confused by my GoodReads account (I’m generally a relatively confused person. I did not need this irrational habit on me, too.)
  • Having to figure out which book to continue reading. Every. Single. Time. I just want to pull out a book and read. But no. The universe shall not allow that.


I can assure you that I have tried to stop this problem. The problem is that it’s not that simple. I usually bring this catastrophe upon myself because of two things:

a) I get bored with a book. Thing is, I’m the type of person who rarely quits a book in the middle. I will manage to find away to keep reading, and usually that ends up because of lack of choices. When I’m all out of books, I’ll come back to the one I initially neglected and once I finish that book, I have usually enjoyed it. But this process includes starting a lot of other books along the way to stall time until I get back to the first book I started. I guess I’m realizing that I just start procrastinating about that book until I finally have no choice but to read it.


b) I’m too excited. I’ll have brought home a lot of really good books I’ve been anticipating and hoping to read for a while, and my brain can’t figure out which book to start with. It must go into a weird auto-pilot mode or something which would be fine if my brain’s way of dealing with this was choosing through alphabetical order or doing eenie meenie minee moe. Unfortunately though, my brain decides to just start all the books at once. Because that is clearly the most logical solution to my brain’s little tiny panic attack.


Anyways I hope I’m not the only person that this happens to and that we can all combine forces and scream at our brain’s auto-pilot for making extremely irrational choices! =)

-Anna ❤

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